• Gallup Poll 58% of Americans Think Marijuana Should Be Legal

    Gallup poll shows that 58% of Americans think that marijuana should be legal.

  • States Possibly Legalizing Marijuana in 2016: Florida, Massachusetts, California, Nevada

    The Motley Fool reports that Florida, Massachusetts, California, and Nevada are a few of the States considering possibly legalizing marijuana in 2016.  Voters will consider the marijuana legalization this November.  Vermont, Ohio, Michigan, & Arizona are in the running too.

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  • Whoopi Goldberg Launches Marijuana Product Line For Women

    The comedian and talk show host is teaming up with marijuana entrepreneur and Om Edibles founder Maya Elisabeth with a California-based medical marijuana company aimed at providing pot-based products for women

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  • Vermont May Be 1st State Pass Law to Legalize Recreational Marijuana

    Vermont may soon be the first state to pass a law to legalize recreational marijuana.

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  • Let’s Bern One Down – New Marijuana Website from Todd Mitchem Companies Hopes to Cash in on Candidates Success to Stop Trump

    Let’s Bern One Down – New Marijuana Website from Todd Mitchem Companies Hopes to Cash in on Candidates Success and Offering Domain to Stop Trump

    DENVER, March 17, 2016 /PRNewswire/ — Just announced today, TMC (Todd Mitchem Companies) announced that they are selling off some of their premium cannabis related domains. Starting with BernOneDown.com TMC hopes to sell off their popular domains like, MainStreamCannabis.com, VapeandVinyasa.com and PeopleAgainstTrump.com.

    Photo – http://photos.prnewswire.com/prnh/20160317/345423

    This domain Todd Mitchem, CEO of TMC believes is going to be one of their biggest hits yet.”We all sat around and just realized it was time,” says Mitchem, “We have been storing many domains for a long time and with Bernie’s latest successes and the fact that he moves to northern states with a path to the nomination, we knew now was the time to sell this domain to a team that will want to do something amazing and special with it.”

    Mitchem’s team, famous for developing brands like, High There!, CannaSearch, Mindful, IONvape.com (clean vape technology for the e-cig industry) and other top brands in the cannabis industry, believes this domain will go fast and they think it will resonate with people.”Cannabis is going mainstream and Bernie’s view on legalization is proof that it is time to offer his supporters a great domain to utilize,” said Todd Mitchem.

    To find out more about this domain: www.BernOneDown.com

    Todd Mitchem CompaniesTMC

    About Todd Mitchem:

    As founder and CEO of Todd Mitchem Companies, Todd Mitchem is known for his ability to structure and build companies as well as his talent for leading. Todd is also well known as a discerning “Cannapreneur” who has aided or founded companies in the cannabis space. Todd is one of the most recognized leaders in the fastest growing industry in the world.

    Prior to joining the cannabis arena, Todd worked as a senior leader for the culture and management consulting firm, Eagle’s Flight, where he coached executives on dynamic leadership, structural excellence and strategic business applications. He and the team he led literally changed companies from the inside out. This included the brands Microsoft, Apple, Starbucks, Anheuser-Busch, H&R Block, Purina and Yum Brands.

    Todd has delivered more than 2,000 presentations globally, and has been featured on every major news outlet in the world. While being covered on CNN, CNBC, NBC, FOX News, The Wall Street Journal, The Financial Times, Fast Company, and Forbes, Todd has leveraged his unique ability to deliver a message in a way that has helped all the companies he is affiliated with grow to stratospheric heights.

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    Todd Mitchem